Davis Distributing was established in 1983 by Colin Davis. Initially starting as a Wynn’s distributor Davis Distributing become a supplier of Lubes and Oils into the Independent workshop market.

In 2015 Davis Distributing was sold to Andrew & Ben Vicary. The Vicary Brothers own and operate Gulf Western Oils and have done so for over 25 years

In addition to Wynns & Gulf Western Oils, we also have our in house brand “Tomcat” which helps us supply the trade with such things as Wipers, Sump Plug Washers, Hose Clamps, Coolants, Aerosol cans of Solvents and Cleaners just to name a few. We also stock Federal Mogul brake pads, Advanced Protection vehicle paint, and leather and fabric protection products and have on offer a customer retention program known as the Club Evolution client care program.

We are the only supplier in the industry that offers a customer retention program, Club Evolution is a program that reminds car owners to go back to the workshop for their next service and offers additional services to workshops such as SMS and email contact with their customers as well as promotions around having your car serviced.

Some obvious benefits for you having Davis Distributing as a supplier:

Regular call cycles by our sales team that keeps you informed with new & existing products, including specials. Dealing with an Australian operator and owned company.

Being rewarded for your loyalty with the industry’s best incentive program.

Personal service.

Catering for most workshop requirements with over 400 line items.

Capricorn preferred supplier.

Customer retention program.

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